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UNC vs. NC State: Game Thread

Can the Heels prevent the Wolfpack from getting their first sweep in this rivalry since 2003?

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Is everybody ready for what could arguably be the most bizarre game of the season? The North Carolina Tar Heels are just moments away from taking on the NC State Wolfpack in an empty Dean Smith Center. That alone should be the weirdest thing about this game, but the Wolfpack also haven’t played a game since January 13th, as their games against Georgia Tech and Virginia were postponed. Needless to say, this game could go very well for the Tar Heels, or very badly depending on what kind of harm or good the extended layoff did for Kevin Keatts’ team.

What we do know is that UNC has looked better as of late, and that NC State won’t be facing quite the same version of this team that they did last month. Caleb Love and RJ Davis are looking much better, the defense has stepped up, and the turnover issue doesn’t seem quite as bad lately. The one thing that will likely make or break this game will be whether or not the Tar Heels can abuse State’s horrendous two-pointer defense, but also I will be interested in seeing if the freshmen guards will be able to knock down more three-pointers this time around. Last month the Heels only made two of their three-pointers against the Pack, which I feel like is a problem that will correct itself now that Kerwin Walton has entered the fold and the Love/Davis duo has been a lot better from deep. We shall see.

As always, we will be back after the game with some post game analysis. Until then, Go Heels!