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ACC Staff Predictions: Final 2020 Results

In a season like no other, one staff writer was the clear winner.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 30 Orange Bowl - Florida v Virginia Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Twists, turns, reschedules, cancelations, it’s fair to say that 2020 had it all. Throughout the season, though, games were played and each week you clicked here to see what your friendly writers at Tar Heel Blog thought would happen.

The lesson: we aren’t that bad at this, though a lot of us are better than others.

We finished 2020 by trying to predict what would happen in the ACC Bowl season. A lot of us had faith that the ACC would show up well, as the teams that went all had winning records, and more than a few were facing teams that either hadn’t played much, or if they had ended up with a losing record.

If you recall from last week, we had a small fight for the top but things had to go just right for Matt and Joe to be able to catch Evan. So, how did they do?

Maybe we shouldn’t have had so much faith in the ACC, huh?

No one had a clean slate, but before we crown a champ, lets give it up for Jacob who didn’t have a lot of faith in the ACC, only getting the Clemson/Ohio State game wrong. He was the only one to go 5-1, and everyone else had some sort of weird mix of 4-2, 3-3, or 2-4.

Unless you’re Chad to barely...barely...missed going 0-for by picking Alabama to win the “Rose” Bowl. Way to try to catch up to Jake, Chad, but as we all know Jake had built too good a lead to be caught. It might be why Jake took a shot at A&M in his predictions last week.

So, when it’s all added together, our Champion Prognosticator was...


Yes, after all the tallies the states have certified the election as official, there is no recount, and Evan is your 2020 Tar Heel Blog Picks Champion.

Congrats, Evan, for your prize you get the first GIF that comes up on Giphy when you type up your name.

Bachelor in Paradise, folks. Because why not.

Here are the final standings:

  1. Evan: 72-33
  2. Matt: 70-25
  3. Joe: 69-36
  4. Jacob/Tanya: 67-28
  5. Akil: 66-29
  6. Micheal: 65-30
  7. Brandon/Douglas: 63-22
  8. Chad: 61-34
  9. Al/Max: 60-35
  10. Jake: 53-42

Due to the uncertainty around basketball, we’ll hold off on even trying to predict basketball this season, so we’ll see you in late August of 2021, when hopefully every game that’s on the schedule goes on as planned and we’ll see if Evan can defend his title. Congrats to everyone for finishing well above .500, even Jake.