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UNC vs. Florida State - Player of the Game: No

There’s no Tar Heel who deserves player of the game after that mess.

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Look, this was originally supposed to be a very normal postgame “Player of the Game” piece, but let’s be honest, who am I supposed to give that to? Sure there are a couple players who you could point to and say they played well and put up decent stats, but: no. North Carolina’s 35-25 loss to Florida State was a poor effort by pretty much every player and coach.

After UNC turned it over on downs going for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter, I looked at the time remaining and thought “well at least there’s only 12 minutes of this left.” That’s why “the concept of time” the player of the game for yesterday’s loss,

Just think about how important time is in your life. It allows you to keep track of events and where you have to be in an organized manner. That can be for the purposes of arriving somewhere or doing something when you’re supposed to, but it can also allow you to know when you’re allowed to stop doing something. Hence why I was so excited at that 12 minute mark knowing that unless there were unforeseen circumstances, I would get to stop watching that game soon enough.

Time and how much you use of it is also one of the most important things in football. Hence why down 18 with eight minutes left, UNC maybe should have gone a little quick than using five minutes for one drive that only got them back within 10 points.

Using time allows us to calculate that we only have to watch this team for six more games over seven more weeks, maybe a little more if they pick up three more wins. Sure, they still have time to change things around, but I’m guessing we’re all running out of patience for this year’s team.