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ACC Football: Staff Predictions Week 7

Basketball may be heating up, but the football picks roll on.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Richmond at Virginia Tech Photo by Lee Coleman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

October may be the worst month if you’re a fan of a college football team sliding toward mediocrity and irrelevance. You have college basketball about to ramp up (hello Late Night this week!), hockey dropped the puck last night, the NBA is about to tip off, the NFL just passes the quarter mark. In short, if you don’t have a team that’s got something to fight for, it’s pretty easy to start looking at other things.

For the last couple of seasons, it hasn’t been a problem for UNC fans as they have had something to fight for deep into the season, stumbles aside. This year is different thanks to the horrid showing against FSU last weekend. It showed in the fact that I had to remind staff members about four or five times that, hey, there’s still football happening and we have important picks to make!

This contest is tight people! With only five games a week for the foreseeable future, there isn’t much of a chance for people to separate themselves, so every game matters. Especially when there are seemingly so many simple choices. To whit, just look at what we did last week:

Obviously no one had a perfect week thanks to FSU, and the only other game we disagreed on was the Louisville/UVa contest. Clearly a lot of us had faith in what UVa could do on offense, while I and others were convinced their defense couldn’t stop anything, and as such dropped that one.

You’ll see in this week’s slate a little more disagreement despite it again only being five games, starting with honest disagreement about the result of the game in Chapel Hill. Fool me once...twice...wait, three times...

Everyone but Michael is now over the 30 win mark, and Max is solidly in first with Joe nipping at his heels. Two games-Clemson versus Syracuse on Friday and the Wahoos against Duke-had a unanimous pick, so this has a chance to be the week where some real change happens.

Here’s hoping this weekend brings more ACC chaos. If no one is going to dominate, you might as well have as much chaos as possible right?