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ACC Football Staff Predictions: Week 8

The Heels may be off, but that doesn’t stop the picks.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the Tar Heels are taking the week off doesn’t mean we will! You think we would stop your favorite staff picking contest for a bye? No, we do not.

Why would we? Things have stayed tight after most of us had a great weekend, thanks to the Tar Heels barely holding on against the Hurricanes. What’s funny is that most of us appear to have a good week picking when the Tar Heels do well, and not so well when the Tar Heels suffer. It’s funny because for the first time, a significant portion of the staff decided the rest of the football season was done, and picked the Hurricanes to prevail.

For a long time that seemed like a silly pick, but as time wound down in Kenan and Miami crept closer, it sure looked like that members of the staff were onto something. Instead, Cedric Gray saved our collective souls, and they had to take the L. In a season where there hasn’t been a lot of separation, that could be the difference between finishing near the top and finishing last. Something at least one member of our staff has been desperate to not do again.

The Coastal Showdown in Blacksburg and the Battle of the Atlantic in Chestnut Hill were the other two points of disagreement amongst the staff, both games were won by the road teams. Due to this, just like we all predicted, Pittsburgh and NC State have the inside track for the title game in Charlotte, with Wake wanting their say. Let’s review how everyone thought last weekend would go and who was right.

No one had a perfect week, but there were plenty of 4-1 weeks to go around. The standings are going to stay tight as everyone have over 30 games picked correctly.

Even though the Tar Heels are off this week, the conference is actually busy. Two squads are going out of conference, including Wake Forest who plays a 4-2 Army squad that hung in there with Wisconsin last weekend, and with two unique styles of play it has a chance to be the most entertaining game involving ACC teams this weekend. Meanwhile, Miami begins a stretch where if they want to even have a shot at a bowl game, they’ll have to pull an upset. When the season began, most folks felt the Hurricanes/Wolfpack game was going to be a big reason why NC State wouldn’t compete in the Atlanta, but now they have to guard against overconfidence against a reeling Canes squad.

So how do your friendly Tar Heel Blog writers thing it’ll go? Let’s just say we don’t have a lot of confidence in Miami after last weekend.

Considering Jake is actually in the Army right now, I don’t think anyone is going to blame him for picking them. He may be right, when two odd styles go up against each other chaos can ensue. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year who out there thought that three of us would be picking Pitt to beat Clemson this weekend?


In the end only one game, the FSU/UMass tilt, has unanimous agreement. This looks like the weekend where we’ll see some real separation, so while we all have our off-week plans, we’ll be sneaking a peek at the scores to see who gets the inside position to the picking crown for 2021.

Enjoy your stress free football weekend, folks!