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ACC Football Staff Predictions: Week 10

It’s a big week for the ACC Championship race

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve started to settle into life in the ACC where things are at least a little more predictable, at least with what we’ve seen this season. It’s still shocking that the teams like Carolina, Miami, and Clemson aren’t ruling their divisions like we thought they would, but now that know who is good this season, we aren’t seeing much in the way in upsets.

Even Carolina’s win over Wake last weekend wasn’t really an upset. We all know by now Vegas had the Tar Heels as a 2.5 point favorite, and the game doesn’t count in the ACC standings so it doesn’t derail the Deacons’ chances at ending up in Charlotte. That said, this weekend could serve as an Atlantic Championship fight in Winston-Salem. NC State rolls into town with only one conference loss, and a win over Wake would give them the division tiebreaker. Meanwhile, Coastal Chaos still reigns as Carolina’s opponent tomorrow, Pitt, has the lead but it’s tenuous at best.

Those of us expecting chaos last weekend were a little disappointed, and you see it in our predictions and results:

Faith in Carolina will be rewarded! Man, had I actually done my research and realized that BC was getting their quarterback...back...and that it was their Red Bandana game, I probably would have gone with the Eagles. The Hokies are struggling right now, and one wonders how much longer they’ll stick with their current coach.

The results last week have brought us with staff members who’ve crossed the 50 correct guess threshold. Five of us at at the half-century mark, and that top five is only separated by three games. With only three weeks of regular season action left, it’s anyone’s contest still. As far as the back of the pack? Well...Evan seems to just be suffering from not having Jake push him as he’s fallen a full two games back. He’ll need some good weeks to completely avoid the basement.

Let’s see how we all feel this weekend will go

A lot of the same. Eight games but only two games: Pitt/UNC and Syracuse/Louisville have a significant number of differing opinions. A couple of us think that it’s time for Miami to stumble again, and beyond that, maybe Georgia Tech can throw a wrench in things?

The Pitt/UNC game could be a big difference for the title, as Max is going with his head, and the rest of the 50 win club is going with UNC. Either the pack is going to get a lot tighter, or Max will take a daunting lead.

For everyone’s sake we hope Max is wrong.