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UNC Football: Procrastinating

Best case, you’re leaving the best for last.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I used to get myself in trouble in college, leaving papers and projects to the very last minute. Even today, you can ask our intrepid editors, but I will occasionally turn in posts late on the night before they go up. I don’t know what it is; some folks say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that may well be true, but my professors never seemed to agree. I seemed to always find myself up against a deadline of one sort or another; it did nothing to help my anxiety, but it did make me productive (however briefly).

The Tar Heels find themselves toting a 5-5 record into the last two games of the season. There were opportunities to get that one additional win needed for bowl eligibility; most recently, a heartbreaker in overtime in Pittsburgh’s driving rain. Prior to that, there was the one-score loss to Virginia Tech to open the season, or the Florida State game in which the Heels sleepwalked to a 10-point loss. In the same way that I would look back from the midst of crunch time at the end of a semester and rue the nights I spent on the Blue Ridge Parkway or out with friends, the Carolina football team can look back at these close losses with the longing that only hindsight can provide.

Still, there are two games remaining on the schedule. Wofford is coming to visit next Saturday, followed by a Friday night trip to Raleigh. You wouldn’t be crazy to think that both of those games can be wins; Wofford came into this weekend with only one win, and the flashbacks that Carolina fans will have of Wofford did not happen on the football field. Assuming nothing crazy happens, the Tar Heels will be bowl eligible in the short week before the trip to Raleigh, where they can hope to play spoiler to the currently-21st-ranked Wolfpack.

If not, though, the Heels will really be up against it. Carolina hasn’t won a game on the road yet this season, and while it would sweet to break that streak against NC State, I’d prefer not to count on it. There’s really no sense in procrastinating quite that much.