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UNC Football vs. Wofford: Player of the Game - British Brooks

An unheralded senior has his moment in the sun on Senior Day.

Wofford v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

When Sam Howell doesn’t dress out, Ty Chandler sits after one quarter of work, and the defense plays a host of dudes, diluting their tackle and big play totals, player of the game is bound to be a crap shoot. But I’m glad that on senior day, we can shine the spotlight on a player that doesn’t usually receive plaudits, but is wholly deserving of them.

A special teams captain, British Brooks doesn’t see too many snaps on the offensive first team. He has only rushed this season against Georgia State, where he had four battering ram carries for only 10 yards, though he did score a touchdown.

Today, he showed some speed and long gains, including a 38-yard touchdown on his first touch of the game.

Brooks finished the day with 89 yards rushing and two touchdowns, both team highs. With Ty Chandler taking the first quarter work, and spreading out carries with D.J. Jones (before he left injured), Caleb Hood, and Elijah Green, it was only a shared workload that kept Brooks from breaking 100 yards. There’s a chance that he won’t see much action against NC State, depending on the health of D.J. Jones, so let’s celebrate that a Tar Heel got to show out at Kenan on Senior Day!