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UNC vs. Duke: How to Watch

Welcome to the 254th Carolina-Duke basketball game.

North Carolina v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It is the Saturday morning of the Carolina-Duke basketball game, and you find yourself facing a different schedule than in years past.

Sure, you are probably still picking up breakfast at Sunrise or Sutton’s if you are in Chapel Hill.

But, you are probably picking up a mid-day BLT from Merritt’s or a burger from Al’s rather than dining in.

And instead of trying to Ickey shuffle your way through a bevy of humanity at Blue Horn Lounge or TOPO just for a line of sight to a television, you stock your fridge at home. The cost-savings and convenience have you doubting why you ever put up with crowded bars in the first place.

But then it comes back to you. You remember why.

Oh, the smugness. The arrogance permeates the air over there, and it accelerates as it bounces off those ominous neo-Gothic buildings.

They flew here. You grew up here. And even if you did not, your connection to the state’s flagship university makes you feel as though you can trace your lineage right back to William Davie himself.

You can imagine yourself walking 150 miles from Wilmington, just like ol’ Hinton James did many moons ago, to the people’s university.

At the same time, you imagine those wearing dark blue flying in from an airport coded something like LGA, JFK, or EWR.

Reality sets in.

Your coach said he has a “healthy relationship” with that coach?

Your players and their players are actually friends?

Not everyone that goes to Duke is some carpetbagging Yankee?

Facts be damned.

You want them to lose, and a 50-point North Carolina Tar Heels victory is the only acceptable outcome.

You have already prepped your victory speech for the Monday morning office meeting while secretly planning out various supernatural explanations on why the Tar Heels were unfairly sabotaged Saturday night.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Even if you cannot “go where you go” this year, you can still “do what you do.” It is still Carolina-Duke.

Below is how to check out the action against that team from Durham:

  • Time: 6:00 PM ET
  • Location: Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC
  • TV: ESPN: Dan Shulman on play-by-play and Jay Bilas as analyst.
  • Radio: Tar Heel Sports Network (list of affiliates) with Jones Angell on play-by-play and Eric Montross next to him for analysis. Satellite Radio broadcast on Sirius (193), XM (193), or Internet (955).
  • Streaming: The ESPN broadcast is available on WatchESPN. The THSN radio broadcast is available on and TuneIn.
  • Line: UNC +3.5
  • Digital Program

Go Heels!