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UNC vs. Virginia Tech: Game Thread

Strap yourselves in for round two!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Notre Dame North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Well today’s been a weird day, hasn’t it?

Earlier today we witnessed Duke having to bow out of the ACC Tournament due to a positive test on the team, Kentucky and Villanova losing by one point, and Virginia advanced in the tournament after a buzzer beater against Syracuse. Needless to say, all of this has set high expectations for the game tonight, but the question is whether or not good fortune will find the Tar Heels, or if they will be knocked out of the tournament by a Virginia Tech team that hasn’t played in quite some time now. We’ll find out soon enough.

Should UNC overcome the Hokies, they will move on to take on Florida State in the semifinal round. The Heels split the series against the Seminoles, so much like this game it’s hard to really know what to expect in this one. That is then, however, but right now the focus is on Virginia Tech.

As always, we will be back after the game with some post-game analysis. Until then, Go Heels!