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UNC Basketball: Examining Day’Ron Sharpe’s NBA Draft stock

In jeopardy of falling to the second round, the former Tar Heel will need to impress at the NBA Draft Combine.

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament - North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is now just two months away, and things couldn’t look more curious when it comes to former Tar Heel Day’Ron Sharpe. Thankfully unlike last season, the NBA will be able to host the NBA Draft Combine, which will take place June 21-27. The combine will likely make or break Sharpe becoming a first-round prospect, as some NBA Draft boards are starting to lose faith when it comes to his draft stock.

Here is where he currently stands with some of the available draft boards:

Bleacher Report: 34th pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder

NBADraft.Net: 42nd pick to the Indiana Pacers

Tankatron: 23rd pick to the Houston Rockets

NBC Sports: 28th pick to the Los Angeles Clippers

A few quick notes about some other outlets that were investigated: SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell only did a mock draft for first-round picks, and so it is safe to assume that he has Sharpe getting drafted in the second round. Also, Sports Illustrated reported draft rankings instead of an actual mock draft, and in this case Sharpe is ranked as the 24th-best prospect available.

With that said, Sharpe’s draft stock appears to be anywhere between late first-round pick and a fairly early second-round pick. Some of the outlets above had him ranked higher in their previous rankings, and it’s hard to say whether or not that is an indictment of his own skillset or if it reflects a stronger impression of other players of the board. What we do know is that the common praise about Sharpe is his high motor, his rebounding skills, and his surprisingly good passing ability. When it comes to his downsides, he was foul prone during his lone season at Carolina, and his jump shot is something that is questioned quite a bit. One would have to believe that if he had a better jumper that he would be a certified first-round prospect, as the modern NBA values versatile big men over traditional these days. However, his positives are really strong positives, so it may be enough for him to have a long, and hopefully healthy, NBA career.

What do you think about Day’Ron Sharpe’s current position in the NBA Mock Drafts? Do you think he is too high, too low, or is the range he is projected in accurate? Also do you think that Sharpe made the right choice leaving for the pros, or should he have come back for his sophomore season? Let us know in the comments below.