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UNC Football: UNC to play 2028-29 home-and-away series with South Carolina

No more of this “let’s meet in Charlotte” stuff. Carolina will visit the the Fair Grounds, and the Gamecocks will visit Carolina.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at North Carolina Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

UNC Football announced yesterday that the Tar Heels will play a home-and-away series with South Carolina after this season’s neutral meeting in Charlotte. Carolina will visit Columbia on Sept 2, 2028. The Gamecocks will visit Carolina on Sept 1, 2029.

The Heels and Cocks have not been regular opponents in the past decade. Aside from 2019’s surprise upset, Carolina hadn’t lined up against SCAR since 2015, when they narrowly lost 17-13 in Charlotte. The last home-and-away series was won by South Carolina in both instances, and the games were six years apart (2007 in Chapel Hill, 2013 in Columbia).

With the series so far in the future, it’s hard to tell what the teams will look like. Carolina will hopefully have cycled through Drake Maye and have another elite, upperclassman quarterback at the helm. Perhaps Mack Brown will have retired by then. South Carolina may be on to another new head coach. It’s hard to tell.

Carolina holds the overall series lead over the Gamecocks, 35-19 (with four ties) in an intermittent rivalry that dates back to 1903. South Carolina has dominated in recent history, though, winning six of the last eight contests. But the last one, that was the game that launched the career of Sam Howell:

It’s worth mentioning just one more time where Carolina is. Dabo knows (jump to the 5:45 mark) the deal!