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UNC Basketball: Hubert Davis on College Hoops Today Podcast

The Carolina head coach joined Jon Rothstein to discuss his thoughts on the team and program moving forward.

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NCAA Men’s Final Four - Practice Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Since being named the next head coach of the UNC basketball team back in early April, there’s been plenty of speculation about Hubert Davis’s system and how closely it’ll resemble that of Roy Williams. After going on the College Hoops Today Podcast with Jon Rothstein on Monday, Davis offered some clarity to that situation while also reiterating his gratitude and excitement to have received the job. The full podcast can be listened to here.

As most of you probably know, Davis wasted no time going out and getting guys that he wants. Although he was ultimately unsuccessful in convincing Walker Kessler to return, he did manage to secure commitments from Virginia’s Justin McKoy and Oklahoma’s Brady Manek. Davis spoke very highly of both players, especially Manek, pointing out that they are bringing more to the program than just shooting.

With that being said, Davis did mention that shooting will be a major emphasis for this team. He talked about spacing and how important it was when he played in the NBA. With their ability to stretch the floor, the additions of McKoy and Manek will hopefully help out with that spacing issue and create a little more movement within the offense. Guys like RJ Davis and Caleb Love should have a much easier time finding lanes to the hoop with an extra shot-maker on the floor. Additionally, it’ll afford Armando Bacot more room down low to go to work.

Speaking of Bacot, Davis all but confirmed the big man will be returning to Chapel Hill for his junior season. Not that it comes as much of a shock, but he did say Bacot would be “coming back next year” and talked about him just the same as the other players on the roster. Interestingly enough, one of the areas he discussed in regards to Bacot was three-point shooting, citing that the big man told him he wants to expand his game. Davis said that Bacot, along with the rest of the team, is expected to make 1,000 threes every week.

It makes sense that Bacot wants to add that element to his arsenal. He entered the draft process to receive constructive feedback, and developing a perimeter game is likely something he’s heard from multiple people, especially given the versatility required from modern NBA bigs. If Bacot does manage to become a legitimate threat to step out and knock down threes, though, the rest of the country better be on watch.

Overall, this interview was yet another reminder that, regardless of how things pan out, Hubert Davis is going to give everything he has to this job. Regardless of my level of confidence in him (which is high), he’s going to be the easiest coach to root for. Though he wasn’t specific with names, Davis did say he doesn’t believe the roster is settled yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of this offseason plays out and I honestly can’t wait to get the Hubert Davis era officially under way.