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UNC Recruiting: A busy month

June might be a snoozefest for college sports action, but certainly not for its coaches

NCAA Football: South Carolina at North Carolina Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s June and the college school year has officially ended, and while some sports still have events, such as golf and track (in both of which UNC has national championship contenders), for the most part, that means that college sports are on hiatus until September, as far as spectators are concerned. For coaches, it means something entirely different, especially this year. With no practice or gameplanning taking up their time, June is already usually a huge month for recruiting visits (and the gorgeous weather doesn’t hurt, either, especially in the southern part of heaven). With the NCAA finally lifting visit restrictions thanks to, presumably, vaccination being widespread enough to allow for that kind of thing, both UNC men’s revenue sport coaches have filled their calendars with high-profile visitors they hope to add to their 2022 classes. Let’s take a look at what we know:


  • Before getting into visit news, we have an update on the actual roster. Kicker Noah Ruggles, who entered the transfer portal back in December after it became clear that grad transfer Grayson Atkins would be staying in Chapel Hill, has accepted a scholarship to graduate transfer to The Ohio State University. Ruggles never seemed to mesh with the Mack Brown regime for one reason or another, but he seems to have found a good opportunity in Columbus and doesn’t seem bitter about his time in Chapel Hill, based on his social media. We’ll be rooting for him.
  • Too many people take visits in football to list, but here’s just a smattering of who Mack Brown is attracting to campus in the next couple of weeks, or who’s already shown up in the past 10 days:

5-star offensive lineman Zach Rice visited unofficially on June 1st and will schedule an official visit presumably after his scheduled 4 to Ohio State, Virginia, Alabama, and Notre Dame over the four June weekends; 4-star outside linebacker Sebastian Cheeks visited this past weekend;
4-star athlete Grant Tucker unofficially visited on Wednesday;
3-star tight end (16th at his position in the country) Kaden Helms will be visiting from June 25th-27th;
4-star running back George Pettaway unofficially visited with his family over last weekend;
4-star wide receiver Andre Greene Jr announced that he has scheduled an official visit to UNC,
4-star wide receiver Noah Rogers unofficially visited on June 2nd, and
5-star defensive lineman Travis Shaw, who’s one of the 10 best players in the country in his class, has already visited Chapel Hill twice this month, including literally right now, at the time of this article’s publishing.

Mack Brown and his staff have their work cut out for them with a lot of these prospects, who are going to be highly sought-after, but they’re making moves in the right direction.


  • Here are the visits that Hubert Davis has already finished up, by my count: Will Shaver visited on the first of June and committed mid-visit, 5-star big Jalen Washington visited immediately following, 4-star wing Justin Taylor was on campus from the 5th to the 6th, and 4-star (soon to be higher) Dereck Lively visited on the 8th. That’s four targets in 8 days — Hubert truly must have boundless energy, especially if he was able to pitch as hard as he must have with Shaver for all four of them. I don’t have much indication on how the visits went, but I guess that’ll come out sooner or later.
  • For the rest of the month, Davis will host five-star local point guard Jaden Bradley for an official visit starting on the 15th, four-star point/combo guard Seth Trimble (younger brother of J.P. Tokoto, if you’ll remember) on the 16th (he’ll probably run into Bradley during his visit), and 4-star stretch big Isaac Traudt on an official visit at the end of June. All three are extremely high-priority recruits, so hopefully they go as well as possible.
  • De’Ante Green, a four-star big man from near Asheville, was planning on a June visit but has postponed to August. Green was once considered a near-lock for UNC, but it seems things might have cooled off after Shaver’s commitment and a glut of offers to higher-ranked bigs from the new coaching staff. We’ll see what happens here.

Stay tuned for more information as to how these visits go, especially if we get more commitments!