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UNC Football: Mack Brown dives headfirst into TikTok

It’s hard to be humble when you’ve got drip like Coach Mack!

Military Bowl Presented by Northrop Grumman - North Carolina v Temple Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Mack Brown may not be young and hip, but he knows what the kids find cool. TikTok is the latest social media environment that recruits and fans alike buzz about. So it made sense for Coach Mack to add an account to accompany his Twitter handle to put content out into the universe that gets recruits hyped about the Carolina program.

His TikTok debut certainly made a splash.

Created by freshman cornerback Dontae Balfour, this TikTok highlights the medium’s use of transitions to show off some of the exclusive Air Jordans that the UNC football program gets to wear. And while Coach Mack has some work to do getting his marking down to make the transitions more seamless, he’s doing what the kids are doing — having fun — and that’s all that matters.

The video starts by showing off Coach Mack’s awesome office in Kenan Stadium. Classic Tar Heel memorabilia lines his walls and shelves, and his 2005 national championship trophy is prominently featured behind his chair. The TikTok asks viewers to “Rate My Drip,” so let’s do that. There are four looks that Mack Brown transitions through.

1.) Navy blue polo, black shorts, Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Legend Blue

The first look continues the curious trend of UNC football coaches not wearing Carolina blue as a primary color. Mack opted for the curious navy/black/white combo, one we’re unlikely to see the football team wear next season (hopefully black has been banished from the UNC football equipment room entirely.) I don’t hate this, but I don’t love it. The shirt and shoes, I would absolutely steal from Coach Mack if he turned his head for even a moment.

2.) Black letterman jacket, black tapered sweat pants, Air Jordan 1 High UNC PE

Oof. This look is ICE COLD.

I feel like I have enough confidence to wear some interesting looks, but I do not have the courage to rock a UNC letterman jacket. Combined with the modern-cut sweatpants instead of jeans? Coach Mack isn’t messing around. And the 1’s are probably the best of the bunch when it comes to exclusive Air Jordans. Those shoes belong in the Louvre.

3.) White polo (black collar), black shorts, Air Jordan 3 Retro UNC

Coach Mack looks like he’s ready to hit the links again with some more summer golf attire. Again, Carolina blue is nowhere to be found. Why won’t our football coaches love the most beautiful color in the world?!! The 3’s, with the hint of elephant print, is a subtle, classy choice.

4.) Carolina blue windbreaker, black shorts, Air Jordan 4 Retro UNC PE

This drip looks the most comfortable. Coach Mack finally gives the people what they want: Carolina blue! The windbreaker is slimming, and the hightop 4’s look nice. I imagine he gives recruiting pitches sitting like that, tapping his foot to hypnotize recruits with visions of Air Jordan player exclusives dancing through their heads. Imagine playing at an adidas school after seeing all of these. That could never be me.

What do you think of Coach Mack’s first TikTok? What was your favorite look? What kind of TikToks would you like to see Coach put out in the future? Let us know in the comments below!