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Carolina Football: Season tickets are sold out again!

Another sign that Mack Brown is turning UNC into a football school

North Carolina Spring Game Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Carolina announced that they have sold out their allotted season tickets for the second year in a row (while fans are allowed in the stadium), a clear sign that Mack Brown has the football train chugging along at full speed.

There are still ways for you to grab tickets for various games at Kenan this season, including some top games against Virginia and Miami. Unfortunately, those tickets appear to be in the corners, but that’ll happen when you don’t jump on the train early. Whichever corner you end up in, there’s a better than good chance that you’ll see Sam Howell slinging touchdown passes your way for at least two quarters of the game. And there will still be single-game tickets available starting on July 25th (those will probably sell out pretty quickly, too).

Fans will appreciate the beautiful remodel of Kenan Stadium back in 2018 that replaced the aluminum monster bleachers with Carolina blue bucket seats. Fewer fans get to appreciate the increased comfort, though, as total seating capacity decreased from 63,000 to 50,500.

The choice to reduce seating capacity may seem short-sighted, but it was the right decision. The television panoramic views of a half-empty Kenan baking in the sun were atrocious. I don’t understand why the seats weren’t Carolina blue from the beginning, but now that they’re properly painted, the stadium pops on television, especially under the bright lights of the numerous night games UNC is scheduled for.

If you can, make sure you grab some tickets while you still can! Tar Heel Nation will have a huge say in how well the season goes, so get to Kenan, get loose with some pre-game libations, and be loud!