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UNC Football: Howell Signs with Bojangles

Notable chicken consumer aligns with top chicken chain.

Bojangles’ Raises $147.3 Million, Pricing IPO At Top Of Range

A couple weeks ago, Tar Heel Blog staff writer Michael McKay laid out the chicken restaurant partnership options for North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Sam Howell.

Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes were considered, but Bojangles, the North Carolina chicken chain, was the overwhelming favorite in the THB reader poll. McKay the prognosticator predicted the Bojangles selection.

In conjunction with the 2021 ACC Kickoff, Howell announced his second partnership under the new NIL allowances.

Howell went with the hometown favorite Bojangles, announcing the partnership in an Instagram post:

Howell and Bojangles, both Charlotte region natives, are a natural fit for a collaboration.

For Howell, this partnership will not be a hollow endorsement. With his chicken-only diet, Howell can stand behind this product as his true meal of choice.

From all reports, Howell is likely a Supremes fan. But there are some questions.

Did the recent Supremes shortage force him to branch out? Will Howell expand his boundaries to the Cajun Fillet or the classic quarter-white? Can the Heisman hopeful bring back Roasted Chicken Bites?

The people need to know.

For Bojangles, the sponsorship of Howell is just the newest addition in popular endorsements with UNC. One of the favorite promotions among Tar Heels fans is the free, and later 2 for $1 biscuit promotion with Bojangles.

Nearly 20 years in the making, the Bojangles connection with UNC Athletics has made legends out of benchwarmers and a staple of local folk art.

What’s next for this partnership?

Howell’s first partnership under NIL is with TABLE NC, an Orange County nonprofit “focusing on hunger relief and nutrition efforts.”

In his announcement with Bojangles, Howell states “from charity events to community fundraising, Bojangles shares my passion for impacting the community with organizations like @table_nc.”

Addressing food insecurity with delicious chicken and fixins’? A truly legendary combination.

Aside from these philanthropic efforts, will there be any fan promotions? Four TD passes for a biscuit?

It is an exciting time for college athletes, and this partnership is an example of how NIL can energize both the fans and community.