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Tar Heel Football gets a Twitter update

Carolina is making a change to its social media footprint

North Carolina Spring Game Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For Carolina football fans, this past Friday saw a subtle change for the official football team Twitter and Instagram handles.

Tar Heel Football has been changed to UNC Football, aligning the program with the other school sports teams. If you were already following the old handles, no need to worry, you’re still following the accounts. For those scoring at home, the major revenue and Olympic sports now, finally, all have UNC at the beginning of their handle:

  • @UNC_Basketball
  • @uncwbb
  • @UNCmenssoccer
  • @uncwomenssoccer
  • @UNCMensLacrosse
  • @uncwlax

Standardization is great for branding. Recall that Carolina started incorporating argyle into all of the team uniforms in 2015, a good 24 years after Dean Smith debuted the Alexander Julian-designed trim-accents in 1991. Now, Carolina has some of the best uniforms across all college sports.

2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images
2020 NCAA Division I Women’s Field Hockey Championship Photo by Grant Halverson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It’s curious that @CarolinaFootball wasn’t chosen, since it’s not taken by South Carolina. It is easier to just have the football team change their social media handles than to make every team change theirs.

For the sake of uniformity and standardization, I wouldn’t suspect that the excellent retro uniforms (with the drop shadows) worn in the comeback win over Wake Forest and the Orange Bowl last season will ever become a permanent uniform. The argyle pattern is synonymous with Carolina, and therefore excellence. Personally, I wouldn’t be mad to see the retros once a season or so.