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Mitch Trubisky shines in preseason return to Chicago

Well, well, well. How the turntables...

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Before I dive into this, I want to make clear that I understand that this was a preseason game. Josh Allen, the signatory of a six-year, $258 million extension is not in danger of losing his job. But none of that likely mattered to one Mitch Trubisky, former Tar Heel and Bear’s first-round draft pick, on a sunny afternoon in familiar Soldier Field.

In yesterday’s preseason game, (Buffalo’s second-to-last tune-up before the regular season kicks off in September) Trubisky went straight to work, leading the Buffalo Bills to four straight touchdown drives to open the game. His stat line (20/28 passing for 221 yards and a touchdown to Jake Kumerow) belies the easy-going nature of the Bills offensive performance.

Mitch asked the Bears defense, “How do you want it?” He gave them a shovel pass to Devin Singletary (counted as a rushing TD). He gave them a rollout-throw up the middle for a touchdown. And he gave them two inside handoffs to the fullback for short yardage rushing touchdowns. He even tossed in a dart to tight end Jacob Hollister over two linebackers for a two-point conversion for good measure. Mitch gave the Bears the full repertoire.

Apparently, this is a side of Mitch Trubisky that Chicago fans are not used to seeing:

The impotent Bears attack was stark in contrast. Andy Dalton did not strike confidence (11/17 passing for 146 yards -- although 73 of those yards [and his only touchdown pass] came on bad coverage and a missed tackle). Justin Fields, dripping with talent and potential, did not translate that into any meaningful production, producing most of his first downs with his feet.

When the Bills kick off the 2021 NFL season against Pittsburg on September 12th, Josh Allen will lead the team. Mitch will don his headset and signal plays and be a great teammate. His fine day against his former team will not change that.

But for one day, Mitch can claim victory for his new team, for himself, and let the narrative that maybe... just maybe Matt Nagy is the real one to blame for his failed tenure in Chicago. In any event, he won the internet yesterday.