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ACC Staff Predictions: Week 3

We’re off and running and the standings are tight.

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

When you have a slate devoid of any sort of marquee matchups, you end up with a lot of sameness in the predictions. Those of us that tried to take a few leaps of faith were unfortunately not rewarded as just about every game went exactly as it should have.

There was one game we all got wrong...

I mean, after that absolute classic of a game against Notre Dame, who amongst all of us thought that Jacksonville State would pull off that miracle? In case you missed it, here’s Wes Durham’s call of that play — and tell me it doesn’t sound like Woody is making this call

That said, what you REALLY wanted to hear was the hometown radio call of this one, and it’s pretty good. Give it up to Mike Parris, the voice of the Gamecocks, for giving them a sound that’ll live in program lore for a long time

And of course, you can’t hear the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat. Props to the FSU radio guys, I suspect they were all very representative of the fanbase as a whole:

Yes, that’s the sound of a headset being slammed to the ground. That’s college football in a nutshell, and man, it’s been missed. We’ll see if FSU can ultimately recover from this, you’ll see most of us don’t believe in them anymore.

As far as the standings go, you can see from the predictions above that right now the spread of records is 12-2 to 10-4...and sadly your humble author is the only one to be 10-4. The only regret I have is believing that Illinois would get up against Virginia, because I was completely fooled by them beating a horrid Nebraska. Each of my other wrong picks is completely defensible, and at least I wasn’t fooled into think NC State had any shot of going down to Starkville and winning.

Akil, Brandon, Joe, Max, and Tanya all share the lead out of the gate, and there will be some separation between those five, as you’ll see.

Potential for strife here as Brandon and Micheal have decided to be traitors while everyone else said that the Tar Heels will end their skid against the Cavs. Jake has decided to be done with his “go with Evan” strategy and actually was the lone voice to take Louisville, few of us believe in FSU after last weekend, and even fewer of us believe in Virginia Tech despite the fact they didn’t fall on their face after beating Carolina week 1.

We’ll see how the records change after Saturday, but if the majority of us are wrong about the UNC/UVa game, we don’t want to be right.