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Homefield just launched their vintage UNC collection and our thoughts are with your wallet

The Good School has finally come to The Good Brand.

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If you follow college sports online at all, there’s an overwhelming chance you’ve seen someone rocking a shirt from Homefield. They make awesome vintage designs while digging into the stories, logos, and silly old mascots that really speak to fans of each respective school. I have watched with my face pressed up to the glass, waiting for them to finally drop a UNC collection. At long last, she’s here and she’s beautiful, my friends.

The collection is live now!

Homefield performs some kind of wizard magic on their shirts and hoodies that makes them as soft as newborn puppy fur. Seriously, they are like Duke-players-flopping-with-zero-contact-being-made soft. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s incredible. Each week they drop a new school in what they call Big New Saturday, and UNC is 14th up in that lineup.

The UNC collection features 14 designs across hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and crewneck sweatshirts. Come for the awesome Hark the Sound t-shirt with Rameses mean-mugging on it and stay for the hoodie that is absolute chef’s kiss perfection for what will hopefully soon be fall in the Tar Heel state.

After not really seeing people or attending games for an entire year, I know my UNC gear could really use some updating. It’s also never too soon to get the jump on your Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, or wedding gift shopping for the Carolina fan in your life. Introduce them to the soft offerings from Homefield and they will be forever in your debt.

Homefield is giving a discount to first time customers trying to secure some of the new UNC merch. You can use code TARHEELBLOG for 15% off your order!

Click the link and happy shopping!