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ACC Staff Predictions: Week 2

We were so caught up in the start of the season we forgot to predict games.

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When last we visited the predictions game, we were celebrating a convincing win by Evan, basking in the glow of what was to come for Carolina Football, and promised to see you again in late August.

Yeah about that.

Look, it’s not completely our fault we forgot to select winners of games last week. Between Carolina’s game being on Friday and the excitement those of us around the “office” had over the Homefield Carolina launch coming the day after, the idea of predicting the results of games just completely slipped our minds.

I mean, really, just look at these shirts!

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You notice I’m talking more about the shirts than the game, because we all know just what an absolute train wreck that game was. However, it’s a new week, and in that new week we games to predict, so let’s get started.

Evan is back up to try and defend his crown, and the rest of us are taking our best shots at a slate that sees every ACC team in action, although not necessarily against teams that set the world on fire.

So, you can see the person who finished last place last season has adopted a bold strategy of “not making an original pick.” So embarrassed was he at finishing in last, and in such spectacular fashion, that Jake decided to just copy Evan’s picks...and didn’t even bother to hide that he was doing it. If Jake does this the entire season and they finished tied for first, then Evan is the winner by default, but as Jake’s goal is to not finish in last place, I’m sure he’ll take that.

The rest of us with a shred of dignity actually took the effort to make picks. Of the fourteen games, eight saw 100% agreement, so the records will be spread out based on the results of the other six with some disparity. I’m going out on a ledge to say Illinois will beat the Wahoos, we’ll just ignore their 37-30 loss to UTSA last weekend. Max is taking a chance that Georgia Tech’s poor showing against NIU isn’t a fluke and saying Kennesaw State will pull the upset, and the other four games are about evenly split.

Maybe a reason the Tar Heels lost last week is that no one actually was able to stick their neck out to be right or wrong, so we all had to suffer. In any case, none of us think this Saturday will go horribly wrong. If it does, we have bigger things to worry about than taking a loss.

Will anyone have a perfect week? Will we have a new champion? Will Jake’s disgusting and devious strategy work? We’ll find out next week.