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UNC vs Georgia Tech: Game Thread

After some time off, discuss tonight’s UNC basketball game here!

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Blame the full week off on why this thread is up late, but better late than never. It’s only 5 games into the conference season and we already have our first conference rematch, against a Georgia Tech team that UNC beat in Atlanta to open the new year. UNC’s fresh off a win that got a monkey off their back, ending a 5-year losing streak to Virginia, while Georgia Tech is coming off their first ACC win, coming against Boston College. Both teams will be looking to set a trend to build on with this game. The Heels are undefeated at home so far this season and will hope to continue this as students come back to campus.

So far, things have been going well for UNC, as they have a 13-point lead at the under-4 timeout. R.J. Davis has been lights out, with 13 early points, but the entire team has been scoring nearly at will, with 37 points in 16 minutes. Georgia Tech has mainly been sticking around via Carolina turnovers; in halfcourt the Heels have been locking them up. Their job in the second half will be to stop the Jackets from building a run off of their mistakes and keep playing sound basketball even if the shots aren’t falling as easily. The rest of the game should be a lesson in winning the games (and halves) you should win.

As always, we will be back after the game with post-game analysis and takes. Until then, Go Heels!