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THB Staff ACC Predictions: Week 11

Another week where we’re thinking the same things, but last week went pretty crazy

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

After a wild week of college football, our standings are tightening up at the top! We had a swap between podium standers, and generally a lot of teams endeavoring to make us look dumb — I mean, what the heck is Notre Dame this year? I don’t think we learned from it at all, though, because once again, none of us is expecting chaos in the ACC this week, no matter how often we’ve been burned. I guess the standings won’t be changing a ton between this week and next, as we start to get the point where we’re running out of games to make up the space between first and not-first. We could be coming to a very close finish. Here’s the picture this week:

As you can see, Al had a relatively bad week last week, dropping him a couple games relative to the field. He’s in third now, after Matt moved ahead of him and Tanya held on to her lead, and he’s only two games ahead of the people right behind — and there’s only a 3-game gap between first place and myself, Douglas, and Evan. There’s not a ton of room this week to make that up, unfortunately.

Miami-Georgia Tech is the game we’re most confused by, apparently wondering which team is sinking faster. At some point, Miami’s talent should beat a lesser opponent, you’d think. Or not, maybe. McKay is hedging his bets as a Tar Heel, which I suppose we can’t blame him for. And Douglas is joining him in betting on Syracuse finally turning things around after a several-week free-fall, or perhaps expecting an FSU hangover after demolishing a rival last week. But everything is pretty straightforward. I don’t even think the betting lines are that close for the games we’re unanimous on. Oh well, I suppose.

What do you think about this week? Let us know!