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BreakingT released an “acceptable” t-shirt to celebrate UNC’s win over Duke

My wallet is screaming but my heart is full.

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What a complete and utter whirlwind it’s been since UNC’s big win over Duke this past Saturday. There has been every emotion in the book spreading around both fanbases, with Heels fans experiencing the obvious big one: joy. We have all been as excited as we’ve been in a long time that the Tar Heels went into Cameron Indoor Stadium and not only took down the (at the time) fourth-best team in the country, but they ruined Coach K’s final night on his home court. Haters will tell you that the game wasn’t a big deal, and that UNC has decided that beating Duke is their Super Bowl. I personally find that hilarious, and it really goes to show just how hurt the fans in Durham really are. They will have to live with this loss forever, and you just love to see it.

Right now both teams are in Brooklyn in hopes to meet each other for the third time this season. Both teams have to do their part, of course, so we will have to see what happens over the next few days. Let’s talk about what we should be doing in the meantime, though, which is irritating the crap out of Duke fans. How can you do that? By picking up the latest shirts from our friends at BreakingT.

If you turned off the TV like many of us did after the game against Duke, you likely missed Coach K telling his fans that Saturday night’s results were “unacceptable,” but how they’ve done in the regular season has been acceptable. It was yet another opportunity for him to throw his team under the bus, and yet another opportunity for Tar Heels everywhere to make fun of him. One of BreakingT’s latest designs features the final score of the game, and also has the word “acceptable” printed on it. Because let’s face it: every single thing UNC did against Duke was acceptable, even if Coach K forgot that UNC is actually a really good program and chose to blame his team instead.

The second design that BreakingT released has each name of the starting lineup printed on it, as well as the Carolina logo. After the starters hung in there for the final 20 minutes of the game without going to the bench, the nickname “The Iron Five” has been tossed around a lot on social media. It is only right that we honor them with this new shirt, and if we needed a bonus, it will almost certainly irritate the crap out of your friends who may or may not be salty Duke fans. That alone is reason enough to buy it, right?

You can get these two shirts, as well as the other great designs that BreakingT has released here: I would hurry, though: the “acceptable” shirt has been flying out of BreakingT’s building, and is their best-seller so far this year.

Seriously, stop reading this. Go buy them now!