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UNC vs. Saint Peter’s: A final look at betting odds for tonight’s Elite Eight game

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-North Carolina vs UCLA Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

The North Carolina Tar Heels are getting set to take on Saint Peter’s to see who will move on to the Final Four and take on Duke. Yes, you read that correctly: the Tar Heels, in Coach K’s final season, has an opportunity to either move on to ruin Coach K’s fairy tale career ending, or to have it get that much better on his way to the national championship game. I will die on the hill that I don’t want this, don’t need this, and can never even pretend to be happy about this, but here’s the thing: it would also mean that Hubert Davis makes it to the Final Four in his first year as a head coach. Not just his first year as the head coach at UNC: his first year as a head coach PERIOD. That alone is a massive win, so, that’s what I’m holding onto.

I digress, we’re not here to talk about my precious feelings about what could happen, especially since UNC hasn’t gotten past a very tough Saint Peter’s team yet. We’re here to talk betting lines, and in this one UNC is the 8.5-point favorite at the time of writing this according to Also, the over/under is set at 137, which I could see the over being a possibility in this one. As far as the Heels being the favorite, I do like their odds, but this Peacocks team makes me really nervous. The tricky thing about Cinderella teams is that you always think the next opponent will be the one to take them down, and they find a way to pull off a victory anyway. The Heels are playing fantastic basketball, but I’d say if you’re throwing money down on this game…I’d do so with caution.

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Happy betting, happy shopping, and Go Heels!