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UNC vs. Saint Peter’s: Game Thread

The Heels are set to take on the Peacocks in the Elite Eight.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-North Carolina vs UCLA Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

After spending most of the last 48 hours pretty calm about this UNC/Saint Peter’s game, my nerves are definitely ramping up. There’s a lot on the line here: UNC could move on to the Final Four for the first time since 2017, Hubert Davis would make it in his first year as a head coach, and also…Duke is waiting on the other side. I mentioned this in my betting lines post earlier, but the Heels are playing with house money at this point of the tournament, but it’s still nerve-wrecking. It doesn’t help that the Peacocks are standing in the Heels’ way, and I’ll be honest: they may be one of the tougher teams the Heels have faced so far.

While I feel like I’ve said that with every game, there really is something about Saint Peter’s that is very impressive. They’ve found a way to win each game in different ways, though I will say this: Kentucky shot themselves in the foot with all of their missed free throws. Still, taking down Purdue isn’t an easy task, which Carolina fans know from when the Heels lost to the Boilermakers earlier in the season. This game is going to be a battle, and we can only help that the team is rested, mostly healthy, and are ready to book their ticket to New Orleans. I hope y’all took your blood pressure meds this morning.

The Heels are going into this game as the 8.5-point favorite at the time of writing according to I really hope this holds, because while I loathe the idea of playing Duke in the Final Four, this team needs to be rewarded for everything they’ve been through this season. All of the criticism, shooting slumps, and overall adversity could be all worth it if they can make it to the final weekend. Win or lose, we’ll be back later tonight with post-game analysis and takes.

Until then…Go Heels!