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Check out BreakingT’s newest UNC basketball shirt to celebrate March Madness

BreakingT is on fire this week, and so is my wallet.

As we all know, it’s really hard to not think of March Madness and Carolina basketball in the same sentence. Sure, right now we are all hyperventilating into paper bags as we wait and see if the NCAA Tournament committee will have mercy on this year’s Tar Heels, but historically the Heels are dominant in March and April. UNC currently holds the record for most Final Fours in NCAA history with 20, and they have also won six national championships, with only UCLA and Kentucky having more. Carolina basketball will always be synonymous with excellence, and with excellence comes bragging rights.

That is where BreakingT comes in. Now that NIL allows for players to make money off of merchandise sales, this also means that we are able to get some officially licensed Carolina gear from a team that really knows how to make some great t-shirts. Here is their newest offering:

BreakingT’s newest offering plays off of Carolina’s dominance in the month of March, which I think it something we all hope will come to fruition not only this Saturday against Duke, but also maybe they will make a strong run in the ACC Tournament and get invited to the big dance. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again: these shirts are incredibly soft, and the quality is hard to beat. I have a shirt that I purchased from another company a little over a year ago that is showing more wear than BreakingT shirts that I’ve had for at least three years, which really speaks to just how awesome these guys are at what they do.

You can pick up your brand new UNC shirt by clicking this link, and also you can check out the player-specific shirts that were just released as well. Like I said in my last article, these are likely to go fast, so I recommend picking one of (or maybe all of) these shirts while you still can!

Happy March Madness, and Go Heels!