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UNC vs. Duke: Best Twitter Reactions

Twitter is an emotional amplifier. It makes the highs higher, and the lows rock bottom. Here are some of the best Tweets after UNC’s huge win on Coach K Night.

North Carolina v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

To those who can tweet during Carolina games, I applaud you. I’m usually such a nervous wreck, I can barely keep up with the TV screen and box score to do much of anything else. But as soon as the game’s over, I head straight to Twitter, where I know the fire takes and shit-talking have started in earnest.

The stakes were the highest I can ever remember on Saturday night. Duke Twitter fans expected a coronation. And why shouldn’t they? The Blue Devils trounced UNC in Chapel Hill and had superior talent. Plus they were starring in a Broadway classic, open one night only: Coach K’s Curtain Call.

As we know, things did not go to plan, and the delicious salty tears of Duke fans were there for the taking. Carolina Twitter meant to collect. Here are some of the best post-Duke game Tweets from UNC’s 94-81 win.

Mundane corporate Tweets that make us feel good

Tweets from media members

Respected Twitter voices weighing in

Folks just rubbing it in because it’s hilarious

I couldn’t get to them all, so what are some of the best Tweets you saw after the game? Share them with us in the comments section below so we can keep the good vibes going until the Heels play again on Thursday in Brooklyn.