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BreakingT commemorates UNC spoiling Coach K’s final game with new t-shirts

The hits just keep coming, and we love to see it.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still super pumped from UNC’s massive win over Duke. Don’t let those fans in Durham tell you how to feel or what to feel: whether they like it or not, this was not only the biggest win of Hubert Davis’ extremely young head coaching career so far, and really the biggest win for any Tar Heel on the current roster. Not only that, but this win likely guarantees the Heels’ a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Some Duke fans will try to tell you that the standards in Chapel Hill degraded when Hubert Davis was hired, but I would argue that the Blue Devils had absolutely no business losing to the Tar Heels as the fourth-best team in the country, but the boys in Carolina blue were hands down the best team in Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 5th. I only speak the truth.

Because Saturday’s win was so huge, it was only right that BreakingT made two new shirts to commemorate the big win over the Blue Devils. Check out their new designs:

BreakingT created not one, but TWO new shirts to commemorate the Heels’ big win: the first one featuring Armando Bacot and Caleb Love posing after Bacot threw down a dunk in the final minutes, and the second shirt featuring the “GDTBATH” print with the final score of the game, as well as the game’s date. Admittedly, I ordered the GDTBATH shirt with a quickness myself, and I can’t wait to wear it around the Triangle and piss off some Duke fans. Hey, what fun is the rivalry if we can’t be a little petty and also look good while doing it?

BreakingT has been on a hot streak over the last week, so I would also like to remind everyone that there are a bunch of new designs for you to buy. Take a look:

As a reminder, these new shirt designs were made possible thanks to the NIL implementation by the NCAA. These shirts are extremely comfortable, and the print is high quality. As I am typing this I am rocking my “The Ceiling is the Proof” shirt from BreakingT’s release a couple of seasons ago, so I don’t only promote these shirts: I am a die-hard customer.

If you want to pick up the new shirts celebrating the win over Duke, or any of BreakingT’s great designs, you can buy them using this link. I’d order them fast for two reasons: they could sell out quickly, and also at this rate, your wallet will need some rest before their next release. You were warned.

Go Heels, and Go to Hell Duke!