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UNC Basketball: Final betting odds for the national championship game against Kansas

Let’s take one final look at what Vegas says about tonight’s game.

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-Villanova vs Kansas Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s national championship game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Kansas Jayhawks should be a good one. The Heels overcame tremendous odds to end up in the current spot that they are in, while the Jayhawks are a team that many expected to at least make it to the Final Four. I’m not one for David vs. Goliath stories because that’s perhaps a little too corny, but what I will say is this: the Heels are going to be an extremely dangerous eight-seed to face off against with the national title on the line.

Even still, Vegas is convinced that the Jayhawks have the edge in this game, perhaps rightfully so. As of right now, the Heels are the four-point underdogs according to, with the over/under being set at 151.5. As I always do, I have to say this: I am not the best person to take betting advice from, but I probably would take the under in this game. National championship games tend to be fairly low-scoring on average, but one factor in this is that UNC has been bringing a lot of offensive power to each game in this tournament.

Unfortunately I don’t feel strongly either way about UNC being the underdog, because truly they could very well beat Kansas, but this game feels more like a coin flip than anything. Kansas has a really good roster that has been gutting it out all season long, but I also don’t think they’ve been as offensively gifted of a team as the Tar Heels. Focus on guarding Bacot, and Manek is right there. Shut down the paint, and they have to deal with RJ Davis, Caleb Love, and Manek lighting it up from deep. Of course the counterpoint here is that the entire starting lineup could struggle, but we haven’t seen that in a number of games now. This game has a really weird feel to it because the Heels have already had as successful of a season as they could’ve ever asked for. I’d love the cherry on top that is the national title, but the sundae by itself is really darn delicious.

Anyways, now that I’ve made myself hungry, it’s time to get ready for tonight’s game. Stay tuned for post-game analysis and takes, but also be sure to check out some UNC merchandise from our friends at BreakingT while you wait. They just dropped a new shirt today of Caleb Love hitting the three-pointer over Mark Williams from the game Saturday night. You can purchase it using this link: Also, be sure to check out all of their new designs, because well…there’s a lot, and they all look really good.

Breathe, prepare yourselves to scream your heads off, and Go Heels!