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UNC Basketball: Armando Bacot set to make his acting debut

The Carolina star center will feature in the Netflix series “Outer Banks”

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Semifinals-North Carolina vs Duke Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

In probably one of the more random bits of off season news, yesterday we learned that Carolina basketball legend Armando Bacot will feature in the Netflix series “Outer Banks” now filming its third season.

“Outer Banks” is a show about rich, seasonal residents and the working class full-timers that live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, birthplace of flight. Apparently there’s treasure hunting involved as well.

Two of the show’s creators, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, are Carolina grads, so it’s only natural that they’d recognize and cast the finest talent in Chapel Hill.

With a long summer ahead without glorious college basketball, it may be in our best interests to binge season 1 and 2 of “Outer Banks” in order to have an understanding of what Armando’s character “Mando” is up to in this fictional universe that somehow has a “ferry” to Chapel Hill.

If “Outer Banks” is not your cup of tea, you can spend the summer re-watching this Armando Bacot classic: