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UNC Recruiting: Hubert Davis reaches out to numerous top 2024 prospects

And here…we…..go!

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NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Practice Day Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

At midnight on June 15th, college basketball coaches were officially allowed to reach out to the class of 2024. This means that Hubert Davis can now get to work on building the 2024-25 roster, which should be a fascinating process considering the hot streak that he has been on when it comes to the recruiting trail. When the (arguably) best player in the 2023 class G.G. Jackson announced his commitment, I wondered if this was the start of Davis swinging for the fences when recruiting, or if he would deliberately look for a mix of elite talent and roster longevity. It is still hard to say if it is the latter, but I can now say that he is still reaching for the stars when it comes to prospects.

Joe Tipton with ON3 released a list of the top players in the 2024 class, as well as which schools have reached out to them so far. Here are the names that have been tied to UNC (rankings provided by ON3):

  • #2 Tre Johnson
  • #3 Ian Jackson
  • #4 Bryson Tucker
  • #8 Elliot Cadeau
  • #11 Trentyn Flowers
  • #12 Jason Asemota
  • #17 Jamari Phillips
  • #18 Cam Scott
  • #20 James Brown
  • #22 Paul McNeil

When taking a look at this list, it’s clear that Hubert Davis wants the best of the best to make their way to Chapel Hill. At the time of writing, we are only able to confirm that Cam Scott holds a scholarship offer that was announced on February 13th. We will likely hear of more players receiving offers in the coming days, but how many of the players above actually get offered a scholarship is anybody’s guess.

Here’s what I do know: Hubert Davis is doing an excellent job of once again making Carolina the place that high school prospects want to go to to play college basketball. I referenced something G.G. Jackson said in a previous article, and if you missed it, here’s what he had to say:

“Coach Davis just brings a fresh energy that’s gonna attract guys. I think a lot of the guys that people see as one-and-done are gonna start picking UNC again. Just watch.”

It is no small thing for Davis to not only land Jackson and Simeon Wilcher in the 2023 class, but to also have Jackson touting the program as the place that one-and-done players will start playing for again. It all sounds like lip service, but these players talk to their fellow classmates from all around the country during the summer in various leagues and circuits. Davis has to feel good about the position he’s in, and I wouldn’t doubt if that plays a hand in how he is approaching the 2024 class.

We will provide more information as we receive it in regards to the players that Hubert Davis has spoken with, but what do you think about the pool of prospects he has reached out to so far? Let us know in the comments below.