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Celebrate UNC women’s lacrosse finishing the season undefeated with a new shirt from BreakingT

My wallet is more defeated than the women were this season.

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Wow, what a season for the UNC women’s lacrosse team. After going into the national championship game undefeated, the Heels took down Boston College 12-11 to break the school record for most wins in a season and to take home the trophy. The Heels women’s lacrosse team has now won three national championships, all of them being won within a 9-year span. Sounds like an occasion that needs to be celebrated, right? That’s where BreakingT comes in.

One of our favorite t-shirt providers has blessed us with a new drop commemorating UNC’s incredible season. Check it out:

Going undefeated in any sport is an extremely tough task, one that extremely few college athletes manage to accomplish. It is for this reason that BreakingT made sure to print the word “UNDEFEATED” on their awesome national championship shirt, which also features the UNC logo (thanks, NIL).

In case I haven’t talked these shirts up enough, BreakingT makes their shirts with high-quality fabric that will last a long time. They are also extremely comfortable, and it’s always a little disappointing when I put on some of my other shirts that I own after I wore a BreakingT shirt the day before. Oh, and the issue with print wearing off? I haven’t experienced it yet. I have owned a 2017 men’s basketball national championship shirt from them as well as a shirt from another company, and the other shirt looks like I have owned it for 40 years while the BreakingT shirt almost looks like new. I cannot recommend their products enough, and now you can own a piece of history with their latest women’s lacrosse shirt.

You can buy BreakingT’s newest shirt by going to, which is where you can also find all of their other releases. As always, happy shopping, and Go Heels!