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UNC Recruiting: Is there any truth to the G.G. Jackson rumors?

The internet has gotten out of hand over the last couple of weeks, and we still don’t know if this rumor has any teeth.

North Carolina v Kansas Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Alright, let’s finally discuss this G.G. Jackson business.

As many of you have already seen, the five-star UNC commit has gotten a lot of attention over the last few weeks when it comes to whether or not he will stay committed to the Tar Heels. There is a lot of talk that he may be considering reclassifying so he can play in college this fall, which would likely require him to go to a school with an open scholarship. This…is where things take a really weird turn. released an article yesterday saying that Jackson is allegedly expected to make some sort of announcement this week in regards to his future, and a lot of the buzz is surrounding the South Carolina Gamecocks. Jackson picked the Heels over his home state’s team, but 247Sports analysts have been shifting their Crystal Ball predictions in South Carolina’s favor. There is also the possibility that he skips college altogether and signs a professional contract with the NBA G League, but now that NIL is in place with the NCAA it’s really hard to imagine that he would take a significantly smaller check to play in a league that provides minimal exposure to the masses.

Ultimately this situation has been one of the wilder roller coasters that UNC has experienced in a while when it comes to recruiting. This is especially so when you factor in the fact that Jackson allegedly made it known via Instagram Live that he was fully committed to Carolina, making the situation that much more confusing. Then there is the million-dollar question of why he wouldn’t just reclassify to begin with? UNC had an open scholarship for quite a while before Northwestern transfer Pete Nance eventually claimed it, and South Carolina has been waiting with open arms this entire time. If I’m being honest, there’s something off about this entire situation, but we really won’t get to the bottom of what’s going on until he comes out and makes an official statement.

It is also worth noting that per, Jackson did not speak to any reporters this past weekend at Nike EYBL event in Kansas City, where Hubert Davis was in attendance. Jackson currently plays for Team CP3, and he will continue his run through the AAU circuit until the Peach Jam event later this month. Another important note with this situation is that Jackson does have enough credits to reclassify, so he shouldn’t have any issues going to college early if he chooses to do so. To put it simply, there is enough smoke in this situation to believe something is going on, but it remains to be seen if there is indeed a fire.

Hopefully we do get some kind of official statement soon, but what do all of you think of the situation? Is Jackson doing the right thing exploring all of his options, or is this creating more drama than there needs to be? Let us know in the comments below.