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UNC favorite Bojangles celebrates its 45th birthday

Happy birthday to the fast food chicken brand that celebrates Tar Heel excellence on the court!

Bojangles’ Raises $147.3 Million, Pricing IPO At Top Of Range

Yesterday, fast food chain and pinnacle of North Carolina culture Bojangles celebrated its 45th birthday.

Bojangles and UNC are linked arm-in-arm, both as a promotional partner and soon a campus dining destination. How on earth it has taken so long to be Bo Time in Chapel Hill (students had to drive all the way to Durham to get to the closest restaurant) is appalling and frankly something the mayor and town council of Chapel Hill must answer for.

Ever since I was at UNC (years ago in 2005), Bojangles was the spot to be in after Carolina eclipsed the 100-point mark. If the Tar Heels accomplished this, Bojangles would sell you two sausage biscuits for $1 (not to be confused with fish sticks). This tradition continues to this day. For the men’s team.

UNC’s bench players have had different nicknames over the years. Blue Steel comes to mind. But “Biscuit Boys” is the current flavor, and it fits them nicely. With the Iron Five taking up most of the minutes, the end of bench players never really see the floor unless a game is well and truly out of hand — and that means within grasp of 100 points.

It’s nice that with NIL being legal now, these guys can see some money in their pockets for their enthusiasm:

Bojangles has had more substantial NIL deals with Tar Heel greats. Sam Howell, famous eater of chicken and ONLY chicken, was a spokesman for Bojangles when he was on campus. Caleb Love currently carries the torch for Tar Heel Nation and Bojangles:

Here’s to many more years partnering with Bojangles. Hopefully, we’ll see them extend their biscuits deal to the women’s team. And with an on campus restaurant, expect to see Disneyland-style lines in the Student Union, probably out to the Pit and wrapped around in the quad between Wilson Library and the South Building.