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UNC Basketball: Live Action postponed until October 7th

Hurricane Ian forced the change so more fans can attend.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-National Championship-Kansas vs North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you had plans to attend Live Action on Friday night, you should go ahead and change them now.

In the long list of things to worry about because of the devastation of Hurricane Ian, the first open practice of the year is pretty low. But with forecasts projecting the weather to be deteriorating in the Chapel Hill area around the time of the event, UNC officials went ahead and made the call to postpone Live Action with Carolina Basketball:

Forecasts have the area being hit with gusty winds and heavy rains all throughout Friday, so this was probably the right call. When you are going to hold an event that’ll require folks to drive in from all over and not have parking right at the venue, it drastically reduces the amount of fun said event would be. It also increases the likelihood of folks getting involved in accidents as they try to drive home at night.

The original date was tied into Carolina’s last home football game until homecoming weekend, October 28th. When weighed against trying to deal with getting students and fans through tropical storm-level conditions, however, the team will be willing to not have a football weekend to celebrate along with the game.

As the release notes, all of the actual athletic contests for this weekend are still on as scheduled, although the men’s soccer match against Clemson was moved to Monday. The other events will be inside except for football, but for now the forecast seems to be pretty favorable for most of the rain and wind to have moved out of the area by the 3:30 PM kickoff.

We’ll have a guide to Live Action next week as the two basketball teams look to kick off what should be a great year for them both.