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Check out BreakingT’s newest “I would die for this school” t-shirt!

We don’t deserve Armando Bacot, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve this awesome shirt.

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Armando Bacot has been arguably the most die-hard Tar Heel that has ever set foot on campus. Sure, there are countless players that have loved the University of North Carolina, but ever since he announced his commitment things have just felt different with him. He immediately started recruiting other players, has been on a tear in the NIL scene, and he fought his way through an injury during the National Championship game last season like I’ve never seen anybody fight before. I understand how all of this can sound like hyperbole, but when it comes to Bacot, I promise that none of it is, and he’ll be the first to tell you.

Claiming that he would die for UNC is quite a hefty claim, but the way he moves within the program shows that he more than likely would. It’s hard to tell what is next for Bacot after he graduates, but I would be willing to be that he will be a big-time ambassador of the program in some way, shape, or form. Truly we all need Bacot’s enthusiasm for the program, and thankfully BreakingT has at least given us a step in the right direction.

BreakingT has just released their “I would die for this school” t-shirt commemorating Bacot’s comments after the Tar Heels beat Ohio State. Check it out:

This is yet another big win for Bacot’s NIL portfolio, but more importantly, it gives fans another incredible shirt from one of my favorite companies. These shirts are made from quality cotton, and the print will last much longer than other shirts that I have purchased. This is truly one of the coolest shirts that I’ve seen from BreakingT, and I won’t be surprised if they sell out quickly. That is why all of you should hurry up and go to and pick up your shirt today!