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Check out BreakingT’s brand new “This is Carolina Basketball” t-shirt!

Here’s some new gear to get your loved ones for the holidays.

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This season has more or less been a success so far for the Tar Heels. Sure, the Villanova game was dominated by the officials, and UConn proved to be the the better team in Madison Square Garden, but this is still one of the most impressive Carolina teams that we’ve seen since Coby White was in Carolina blue. The Heels already have wins over two AP Top 25 opponents, and even have a Quad 1 win over Tennessee that likely won’t go anywhere anytime soon (Rick Barnes, don’t you do this to us). Things are looking up for Carolina fans, so maybe this is the best time to update your wardrobe, no?

Our friends at BreakingT released a new UNC t-shirt just in time for the holidays. Check it out:

BreakingT’s newest shirt features the “This is Carolina Basketball” slogan that we all know very well. While the slogan itself has been around for years, it feels like a highly appropriate one to put on a shirt given how this season has gone so far. It really does feel like this is the return of actual Carolina basketball — they are sharing the ball, they are getting out in transition, they are crashing the boards, and most importantly, they are playing hard, smart, and together. Spirits are high in Chapel Hill right now, and fans should wear their colors often and proudly. Especially in front of Duke fans, who uh, aren’t well right now. Dig deep enough through Twitter and you’ll see what I mean.

I digress, if you would like to pick up this brand new shirt for the Holidays, head over to and buy yours today! I would order it soon, because we all know Holiday shipping is the worst.

Happy shopping, Happy Holidays, and Go Heels!