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UNC Football: Pro Day at Chapel Hill

Five Tar Heels showed their stuff to all 32 NFL teams at Carolina’s Pro Day.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 03 ACC Championship - Clemson vs North Carolina Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

All 32 NFL teams were represented at the UNC football practice facility for Carolina’s Pro Day. Five players participated: Josh Downs, Antoine Green, Ray Vohasek, Asim Richards, and Noah Taylor (limited due to injury).

This was a chance for the Tar Heels to get some dedicated attention from scouts in familiar confines. For players like Ray Vohasek and Noah Taylor, who did not finish the season due to injury, Pro Day is a way to get yourself back on the map. For stars like Josh Downs, it could be the difference between getting drafted on day one or day two.

Most of the attention during Pro Day went to Carolina’s two receivers, Josh Downs and Antoine Green. Both are expected to get drafted, and their ranges (first to second round for Downs, fourth to sixth round for Green) are wide enough that a strong Pro Day performance could push them to the left.

Fortunately for the duo, Drake Maye was there to throw. What a difference it must be to 1.) have your team quarterback, that you just went through a full season with, throw the routes you ran and are familiar with and 2.) have that quarterback be a future first-round pick? There are plenty of good quarterbacks out there, but Downs and Green will both tell you that Maye tops them all, plus they already have chemistry. He’s a real mensch, Drake Maye.

In total, there were 45 scouts from all 32 NFL teams in Chapel Hill for this year’s Pro Day. Expect that number to double next year when Drake Maye is participating for himself. It’ll be an absolute circus.