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Need Gear? UNC is having a Yard Sale Saturday

For the first time since the pandemic, UNC will be selling excess gear.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Have you seen the gear that the Tar Heels have worn on the court and field and thought “Man, I really would like to have that?” Well, now is your chance.

While in a lot of ways it feels like just yesterday, for the first time in seven years the UNC Athletic Department will have a Yard Sale. This one will be tomorrow morning, Saturday, April 15th, starting at 7:30 AM and running until 1 PM. This time it will be held at the Dean Smith Center after being in the practice facility the last time one was held, in 2016.

So what happens when UNC has a Yard Sale? Well, as you are quite aware, UNC Athletics gets a ton of gear from Nike and Jordan brand, and because they have to be supplied with more than what they need due to size variance and normal wear and tear, there’s a ton of gear that isn’t used. Either it’s an older style and a new one has come in, or it’s an odd size that no one can actually use, or any other reason.

In all, per the release from UNC, more than 21,000 items will be on sale, and most of them unworn. This is going to include uniforms from women’s basketball as well as football, t-shirts, shorts, and perhaps the most prized item-about 700 pair of Jordan Brand basketball shoes.

Yeah, you read that right, Carolina is selling around 700 pair of the Carolina-themed Air Jordans.

What’s even more insane? They are going to be only $100 per pair.

The Jordans are the top prize, of course, but being able to buy a Carolina t-shirt for $10, a football game jersey for $50, a softball helmet for $10, and so on, there’s a real opportunity here to get some sports equipment at a really good price. You’re going to see bats, backpacks, gloves, sports bras, and jerseys from other sports at prices you wouldn’t get by going to the official team store.

For this discount there’s of course going to be a tradeoff. First and foremost, unlike 2016, fans are not going to be allowed to camp out to be first in line. Parking lots around the Smith Center are going to open up at 6 and that’s when people can start to line up around Entrance D of the Smith Center. Thus, you need to be ready to wait at least 90 minutes just to get inside. From there, if you were thinking of taking out $70,000 to buy every pair of Jordans you’re out of luck. Carolina is limited the purchase of the shoes to three per person.

The new rules seem to be lessons learned from the last time that this yard sale occurred. People essentially camped out to the point where all of the “good” things were gone so quick. Folks will have to be crafty to be first in line, as with the parking lots not opening until 6 AM, it’ll likely create a rush to get into a space and lined up at Entrance D.

A couple of other things to note:

  • UNC isn’t going to allow anything inside the Smith Center besides small purses
  • All Sales are final, so you need to make sure you’re getting the right shoe size, otherwise you are out of luck.
  • All items are in “as is” condition, meaning while a lot of items are new, some items will have been worn and/or used meaning you’re taking it in the condition it’s in.
  • Credit Cards only, and no Amex.

No word on whether or not Effie Tricket will be at Entrance D to say “May the odds be ever in your favor” as they throw open the doors.