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UNC Basketball: Elliot Cadeau shines at Geico Nationals

The 2024 commit carried Link Academy to a national title while putting on a passing clinic

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: JUN 06 Pangos All-American Camp Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

UNC’s 2024 point guard commit Elliot Cadeau showed out at the 2023 Geico High School Nationals tournament, leading Link Academy to the national title. Link Academy is filled with 5-stars and future Power 5 players, but Cadeau stood out in a distinguished crowd.

His play is reminiscent of an older type of point guard that UNC hasn’t seen for some time. The easiest comparison is Kendall Marshall due to his court awareness and pristine passing, especially on the break getting the ball to runners streaking to the basket.

Take a look at some of Cadeau’s magic:

This gives some of those passes an on-court angle to appreciate how well he passes when crowded by defenders:

Some of those assists were eye-catching. They were also record-setting.

Cadeau set two tournament records. Against Paul VI in the quarterfinals, he broke the single game assists record when he dropped 14 dimes in a 68-65 win. He also broke the overall single tournament record with 29 total assists in three games (the max a team can play).

As of right now, Cadeau has said on the record that he still plans on enrolling at UNC in 2024. He does have the ability to reclassify, and should he choose to, could be in Carolina Blue next season. He will surely be in close contact with Hubert Davis as he rebuilds the roster after a huge amount of churn last month.

Whenever Cadeau shows up, he’ll be a force multiplier. Hopefully he can help the Heels step up their transition game and score some easy baskets. Whether by design or inability, Carolina has not run as well as they did in the Roy Williams era two years running. Cadeau can help cure that quickly. How soon is another question.