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UNC women’s tennis wins national championship after defeating NC State

After 10 indoor titles, the Tar Heels take down NC State to finally get NCAA Hardware.

2023 NCAA Division III Women’s Tennis Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Another year, another National Title for UNC. This time it’s the UNC Women’s Tennis squad that gets to hang a banner. It’s the second National Title for UNC this year, to add to field hockey’s dominance back in the fall.

The women’s tennis title was a long time coming. The sport has, essentially, two championships-the ITA indoor championships, and the NCAA title. This women’s squad has taken down 10 ITA titles, but somehow that success always saw them come up a hair short during the NCAA’s. They were dominating the year again until they ran into a hot NC State squad in the ACC Final, which the Wolfpack won.

Naturally, the Tar Heels would need to beat the Wolfpack in order to take home the tennis title.

Weather caused a slight delay, but when the matches started Carolina quickly gained the advantage by sweeping the doubles for the first point. It meant State would have to take down the majority of singles matches in order to come back, and ultimately, the powerhouse trio of Fiona Crawley, Carson Tanguilig and Elizabeth Scotty were able to down their opponents to take home the Championship.

Matches occur concurrently, first the doubles play then the singles, so there’s a tension in the air as the singles matches go on. State would try to grab momentum back and did so by winning the first sets in three matches as singles play began. State’s Diana Shnaider was able to complete the job and tie the championship at 1-1. From there, though, it was all Carolina.

It started as Fiona Crawly was able to gut out a tiebreak win in the second set of her match, and then easily won the third set to put Carolina back up 2-1. Meanwhile Tanguilig was dominating her match all of a sudden, and in the blink of an eye...

The win extends the dominance that the entirety of the athletic department has held, and specifically in the women’s sports area. How dominant?

This title has been a long time coming for one of the most dominant women’s tennis programs in the country, and now they have the final piece of hardware to take the bragging rights. Congratulations to the UNC women’s tennis team on bringing home another title to Chapel Hill!