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Ian Jackson: “I am 100 percent committed to UNC”

Everyone can’t be an insider, and Ian Jackson keeps proving that fact to be true.

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After the announcement that Simeon Wilcher wanted to be released from his NLI yesterday, Twitter did what it does best: stirred up the pot and claimed that there was another person de-committing from the program. While it’s hard to say the rumor was not true at all, the name that was constantly getting brought up is 2024 five-star Ian Jackson.

Here is the tweet that started the fire:

Not a stranger to being swept up in the rumor mill, Jackson had already reassured fans once before that he was 100% committed to the Tar Heels. Now that his name was being tossed around yet again, Jackson got a chance to talk to 247Sports to once again declare his loyalty.

“I have considered (reclassifying) but I feel as if I want to take this year to prepare my body and my mind to walk into UNC as a professional,” Jackson told 247Sports. “I’m 100-percent committed to UNC and will join the program next season (2024-25).”

One of the more frustrating things that has been happening in sports media these days is that a lot of “insiders” have taken to the platform to cause trouble. Names that I personally haven’t seen before have started popping up and saying things that are flat-out not true, and if you do enough digging, you really start to wonder why someone would reach out to them with that information to begin with. While I am not saying to never believe people on Twitter, this situation is a good lesson in being very careful about who is delivering information. It’s even more difficult now that blue checkmarks do not mean anything after some recent updates on the platform, but that’s perhaps a rant for another day.

So, the things we know right now for certain is that Simeon WIlcher is gone, Elliot Cadeau has signed for 2023, and Ian Jackson is still 100% committed to the program. We will be sure to report here at Tar Heel Blog when we are able to confirm that another big move has happened.