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Mack Brown believes we will see “an even better version” of Drake Maye this fall

Maye’s quest to become a top 5 draft pick continues in September.

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-North Carolina at Oregon Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If there has been one consistently impressive member of the Carolina football team, it has been junior quarterback Drake Maye. He is coming off of a very impressive sophomore campaign that ended in disappointing fashion for the Heels, but now he is preparing to not only see how far he can get his team this season, but also to pad his NFL resume. Thankfully, Mack Brown seems optimistic that Maye is going to have a standout season.

Brown was interviewed on 99.9 The Fan last week, and he sang numerous words of praise of the youngest Maye brother.

“Drake is a great person. He’s really, really hard on himself. He’s the younger of four brothers and two of them won national championships. One in basketball here and one at Florida with baseball. He’s got another brother that’s on our current basketball team,” said Brown. “So he’s been the little brother, been beaten up his whole life. He just competes at everything. So he’s really hard on himself.”

The competitiveness of the Maye brothers is something that has been well-documented ever since 2017 national champion Luke Maye made his way into the national spotlight. There are numerous stories of all four of them beating up on each other in various sports, and truly it has benefited each of them in their own way. For Drake Maye, what has probably shined the most in his game is his resilience and poise—he never is so hard on himself that his game collapses, but he is never too high on himself to the point where he makes huge mistakes. UNC’s woes last season were around Maye for the most part, and rarely was he the focus of a bad result on the field.

As good as he was last season, Brown said that we can expect an even better version of Maye this season.

“We feel like as good as he played last year? We’re going to see an even better version of Drake this fall,”

It’s hard to imagine how a quarterback that threw for 4,321 yards, 38 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions could get any better, but the impressive thing is that Maye does seem to have a higher ceiling. Brown said that Chip Lindsay has been working with Maye on improving his mechanics, and he is excited to have an offensive coordinator on the staff that has coached two NFL quarterbacks. It’s also worth noting that Maye will be surrounded by an impressive wide receiver group, and with the running backs returning for the 2023 season, he has a great chance of throwing his name into the Heisman race. The only true question is will UNC’s defense help him out this season, or will they make life a lot harder than it needs to be yet again? We will see in their first game against South Carolina on September 2nd.

What do you think of Mack Brown’s comments? Do you think Drake Maye will be able to win the first Heisman trophy in program history? Also, what do you think of Maye’s NFL Draft stock going into the season? Let us know in the comments below.