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UNC Football: What record will the Tar Heels finish with?

After finishing with a 9-5 record last season, can the Heels pull off double-digit wins in 2023?

NCAA Football: Holiday Bowl-North Carolina at Oregon Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Carolina football is almost here, which means we finally get to see if Mack Brown’s work this offseason with his roster/coaching staff has paid off. This spring he brought in offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey to help build on the foundation Phil Longo left behind, and he made several other key coaching moves on both sides of the ball. For the offense, the goal is simple: don’t get worse, and hopefully find a way to only improve under star quarterback Drake Maye. For the defense, the goal is to not be one of the worst (statistical) defenses in the country. Pretty simple, right?

Here’s where things get a little messy: the ACC has gotten rid of divisions, meaning that the Heels will have to face off against some traditional Atlantic teams on their way to hopefully making it to the ACC championship game in Charlotte. If playing Duke, Clemson, and NC State back-to-back wasn’t bad enough, the season kicks off against South Carolina, followed by a home game against App State. On one hand, their schedule is very doable, and Clemson could end up being the only game they lose if they are at the top of their game each Saturday. On another hand, we’ve seen this team struggle with much easier schedules, and we don’t really know what to expect from either the offense of the defense this year.

With all of that said, what record could the Tar Heels finish the season with? That is the question for our SB Nation Reacts survey. You can cast your vote below:

I plan to give my thoughts on what the team’s record could look like this Monday when we publish our best/worst case scenario piece for the 2023 season. Until then, I am really interested in hearing how all of you think this season will play out, and if they can finally make it to the College Football Playoffs with this roster. Vote now, and also let us know in the comments section below!