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Former Tar Heel Chazz Surratt shines in NY Jets season opener

The former Tar Heel quarterback/linebacker has found a home in New York, and is already paying back the Jets back for their faith.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

After a successful two-year transition from middling quarterback to intriguing linebacker, former Tar Heel Chazz Surratt found his way into the NFL Draft, landing in Minnesota in the third round (78th pick overall). Heady stuff for a Parade All-American at quarterback who never got it going on the offensive end at Carolina.

Surratt never got an opportunity to prove himself on the field in Minnesota and now finds himself a New York Jet. Their defense is considered one of the best in the NFL, so getting on the field for Robert Saleh will not be an easy ask. Fortunately, Surratt has kept his head down, worked hard, and made the roster.

After showing glimpses in preseason, including an interception in the Hall of Fame game against Cleveland...

... Surratt made a huge play against Buffalo in the season opener of Monday Night Football.

The announcers talk out of their ass a bit about New York’s win requiring an asterisk, but let he who has not never benefitted from a marginal call cast the first stone.

Unless Aaron Rodgers uncovers some homeopathic remedy for a torn achilles, the New York Jets are stuck with famed cougar-hunter Zach Wilson at quarterback. That means the Jets’ defense is going to be on the field for a ton of snaps and they’ll have to score in creative ways, like off punt returns. Chazz Surratt should have ample opportunity to show his stuff for his new team.