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Check out BreakingT’s new Drake Maye “Finger Roll” t-shirt!

BreakingT’s latest offering is a banger, and you can buy yours now.

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Have we all recovered from this past weekend’s game against App State? The Heels managed to take at least five years off of all of our lives when they went to double-overtime against the Mountaineers, but thankfully they came away with a 40-34 victory. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t enjoyable at times — looking at you, Wildcat formation — but it was a win regardless. But you know what moment wasn’t talked about enough from that game? Drake Maye hitting the Jordan logo pose when leaping into the end zone for a touchdown.

Thankfully our friends at BreakingT made sure that moment could live on in the form of their new t-shirt. Check it out:

I say this as someone who owns a shirt of Caleb Love hitting the buzzer-beater over Mark Williams, but this might be the best shirt that BreakingT has made for UNC so far. The choice of font for Maye’s name looks great, and naturally we love a good Carolina blue shirt as the backdrop. BreakingT did a great job of capturing one of the more fun moments of Carolina’s very young football season, and I have a feeling that these are going to fly off of the shelves very quickly.

You can purchase your Drake Maye “Finger Roll” t-shirt by going to While you’re there, be sure to check out all of their fantastic UNC t-shirts and pick some of those up as well! There will almost certainly be more shirts released this athletics season, so keep checking in with us and we will keep you posted on BreakingT’s offerings.

Happy shopping, and Go Heels!