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UNC Recruiting: The Tar Heels are in pursuit of 2025 five-star Jasper Johnson

Another Link Academy product has caught Hubert Davis’ eye.

Syndication: The Courier-Journal Brooks Holton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Earlier this week, Hubert Davis offered a scholarship to 2025 five-star combo guard Jasper Johnson. He is the first combo guard in the class to receive an offer, and is the eighth player overall.

Johnson weighs in at 6’4, 170-lb, and currently plays for Link Academy. He previously is from Kentucky, but moved to Branson, MO to continue his high school career. Here is what he told 247Sports about the move:

“I feel really confident about it,” Johnson told 247Sports about his move to Link. “My decision to come here was about getting better and so far it’s been great. I’ve been able to really focus on basketball and my development.”

Johnson is currently the ninth-best player in the country according to the 247Sports Composite, and is the second-best combo guard. There have been quite a few schools in hot pursuit of the junior, including the following:

  • Arizona State
  • Auburn
  • Baylor
  • California
  • Cincinnati
  • Florida State
  • Georgia Tech
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisville
  • LSU
  • Memphis
  • Missouri
  • Texas A&M
  • West Virginia
  • Xavier

Just to name a few.

Needless to say, Hubert Davis is going to have his work cut out for him trying to win Johnson over. Maybe it’ll help that he grew up a UNC fan?

“I’m honestly open to anybody. I really grew up a UNC fan, but as the recruitment process is starting to happen I have to stay open to everybody so I can make the best decision for myself.”

While it’s always fun to learn that a recruit has been a Carolina fan, the fact of the matter is that Johnson has a lot of candidates to navigate through and will ultimately make the best decision for himself. It’s also worth noting that one of Johnson’s teammates at Link Academy is 2024 UNC commit, James Brown, so I’m sure there will be some extra recruiting done aside from the coaching staff.

As of right now, UNC hasn’t received a commitment from any of the players in the 2025 class. It’s still really early for that class to start taking shape, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we started hearing some announcements this winter/spring. Hubert Davis is truly reaching for the stars with this particular class — seven of the players with scholarship offers are top-ten players. Are the odds in his favor to at least land one of them, or will he have to go back to the drawing board and throw out more offers? The 2024 class showed that he’s capable of landing elite players, so there’s at least a decent chance he can keep this train moving.

What do you think of UNC’s latest scholarship offer? Let us know in the comments below.