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UNC vs. South Carolina: Game Thread


UNC vs. South Carolina: How to Watch

Here’s how you can watch number 7 take the field one last time for the Tar Heels.

UNC vs. South Carolina: Three Things to Watch

Mack Brown is likely losing his star quarterback, but hopefully not before he is covered in mayonnaise.

The ACC ADs voted to modify the COVID-19 forfeiture policy

While the Omicron variant taking over the globe, the ACC will keep the ball rolling.

UNC vs. Appalachian State: Three Things Learned

The Heels ended their non-conference schedule on a high note, but is this team ready for the ACC gauntlet?

UNC suffers a blowout 69-98 loss thanks to Kentucky’s suffocating defense

Alright, my vote is to burn the black jerseys.

UNC vs. Kentucky: Game Thread

It’s not the game we wanted, but maybe it’s the game we needed…except we kind of needed that game against UCLA too.

UNC vs. Furman: Three Things Learned

Here are some takeaways from the Heels’ impressive win over the Paladin.

UNC vs. Elon: Three Things Learned

An ugly win that had a beautiful performance. Poetry.

UNC vs. Elon: Three Things to Watch

Let’s talk more weird stats…and biscuits.